Monday, December 3, 2012

entry: 00009

...Our sentences and questions keep running into one another, "How long have you been here?", "Where are you from?", "Does this star affect you too?"
Although the party rages inside, there is no place I'd rather be than beside this being from my side of the galaxy.  His name is Oberon.  We shared the same star but different worlds, I being from Talaxia, he's from Knet, a moon of the largest planet in our solar system. The difference is, he's a nomad, stopping here on his way to the Andromeda galaxy; whereas this crazy rock is my ball and chain.  I ask is he the one behind the the bad guys waking up bound inside the police precincts, he says "I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, but take courage citizen, the rogues will be brought to justice!" as he commences humming out his own theme song.  I suppose nerds are nerds no matter what planet they're from.
     "Well you know what the recent wave of crime is about right?" Oberon asks.
          "Nope, I just try to help out with the side effects."
     "See, there's a new drug on the market taking off like crazy; they call it Chemical X..."
          "What, like off the Powerpuff Girls?"
     "You watch the Powerpuff Girls?"
          "Yeah!...Anyways!"  After riotous (and unnecessary) laughter he continues:
     "Chemical X, its cheap, it acts quickly, it's a liquid that mixes well with others.  It enhances a persons reality by making them believe their fantasies are real.  The problem is, say you're a gamer who plays first-person shooters.  When does the game turn off for them?  Say you like driving games, what's going to keep you from going 100 mph at all times, thinking if you crash you can just hit the restart button?  Or even worse, what if you wanted to be a...super hero?"  He whispers the last sentence with a knowing glance.  We both crack up laughing.  I'm caught in his eyes, the color of marcasite, and find myself getting weaker.  Suddenly I'm being dragged along by a cold hand.
     "Come on Cinderella, we gotta get you home.  Sunrise is in 10 minutes."  Count on Erwin to bring me back to reality.  Vic stumbles ahead of us, singing a drinking song from Talu, while several model like girls waddle aside of us, hoping to leave their numbers with the amazing Mr. E.  I call to Oberon, and he looks behind smiling, just before he takes to the skies...

Monday, October 15, 2012

entry: 00008

So it's a Saturday night in Glenwood, the crooked moon is high, and the 70 degree breezes coming off the Pacific are doing good things to my mood.  Instead of working tonight the peeps and I are cruising in Erwin's drop top, heading for a party in the hills.  Ex-pats, Fugees and POW's from all over the universe are sprawled about, looking like a scene from some predictable sci-teen flick.  Vic, though probably the only human here, blends right in with her hot pink hair and violet contacts.  Erwin spent the good part of the afternoon downloading dance moves and conversation starters, so as soon as he hears the music, he's gone.  Alone again, I wander around, trying to find my place or a corner to blend into.  All of the sudden I feel a warmth, starting from my digits and radiating inward.  Everything is starting to slow down, like when I'm angry, but I'm not mad at all...what do my senses know that I don't?  The crowd seems to part, and I'm standing now, staring at this face like I'm staring right into a mirror.  "Roxie...Rox!", the voice cries muffled; I finally break gaze to realize that this stranger and I are smothering everyone with the power of our force field's combined...

Monday, September 24, 2012

entry: 00007

Since Mr. Kim "disappeared" with no trace of his other family members, I feel even more motivated to fix my surroundings and get back home, despite what my parole officer says. "Ms. Adams, our offices have been receiving some...very interesting reports", he begins. His annoying voice is slow and deliberate. He commences giving me a Native Being Safety speech, but I'm too distracted by his lame 'human-like' disguise (bulbous eyes, thin cheeks, slightly green tinge...come on man!).
"Ms. Adams, we realize some of our detainees inherit certain benefits from living under this star, but we ask you to please refrain from assisting these creatures in their daily affairs for fear it may disrupt..."
"The space time continuum, yes, I know, but you can't expect me to sit around and do nothing while people suffer!".
"Ms. Adams, your sense of justice is admirable, but placing criminals into a stasis and leaving them at police headquarters is a violation of..."
"Wait, what? Stasis, no, that's not me!" He then proceeds to show me photos and reports about local drug dealers and thieves, waking up from mini-comas in the middle of police stations with evidence to convict. I feel a fearful joy within my heart...looks like we're not alone...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

entry: 00006

Erwin and I sat and talked with "Mr. Kim" for over two hours..He and his family are refugees from Talaxia, my home world.  Apparently things are just as I left them.  Nishi, my sister (who exiled me here), runs our world with absolute power and oppression.  Sure, there's a congress of sorts, but it is now full of her supporters alone.  When I was home I sided with the people, fought with the people, right alongside my beloved; but he betrayed me...and so, here I am.  We laugh about the old ways but it's still hard for "Mr. Kim" to look me in the eye; he still thinks of me as Ku or nobility.  I ask if he might secretly carry an encrypted message out of the planet for me to Jairus, an old friend who owes me a favor.  We arranged to meet around the corner from a departure station aka abandoned silo (what else did you think they were used for?) the next day.  I am anxious to say the least.  I asked Vic to pass the info, because if I (or any other intergalactic parolee) come too close to a departure station, I get zapped into a crop circle if you catch my meaning.  We in the car for the signal, late summer rain pelting the windshield glass.  Suddenly a text from E...its an obituary from today.  I stare at the photo a good long while and sigh.  "Vic...let's go home."

Monday, August 6, 2012

entry: 00005

So, what part of "I am not a super person" don't they understand? Like seriously! Vic and Erwin have had me testing the extent of the reaction my body has to UV radiation. While the human should be sleeping and the droid should be powering up, they have me trying to fry an egg with my mind or lifting a variety of heavy objects. Turns out while the sun is out I can lift 50lb without too much trouble; but at night my strength is twenty times greater. When I run, it feels like a normal jog; but from the outside I'm nearly breaking the sound barrier. E has also been documenting my encounters with a few of the troublemakers around our neighborhood, and the mini magnetosphere created is something I'll have to control if I want to keep peace with the local PD. It's sad though, things have been seeming to get progressively worse around here; robberies are like everyday. Violent intimidation is the norm. Cars come and go at all times of day and night; parking at particular houses with blue porch lights. And there's always some dude standing on the corner now, looking so lost, only leaving when relieved by some other barely sixteen year old kid. I mean, I'm not from around here (Talaxia's only a few light years away) but I can't in good faith sit around and not care. Especially when I have do something about it...
So a couple of nights ago, having Thai with Erwin (yes he eats, its complicated), this older guy and his family keep staring at me. Do I have peanut sauce on my face? Sprouts in my teeth? "Rox, I'm picking up a level 4 magnetic signature from that guy's table. Dude! So either he's auditioning to be Magnito's stunt double in the new X-movie; or...or he's from..." "From where?", I whisper. His iris lenses shrink smaller and i suddenly feel warm. "Excuse me Miss?" A kind voice speaks from behind. I turn around and meet a set of Asian eyes as blue and true as mine...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

entry: 00004

The past few months have been...interesting, to say the least. For one thing I didn't have to move like I usually do when something "odd" happens (yay!). After that last fiasco I thought sure I was gonna be shipped off to some lonesome Siberian outpost. It seems my original parole officer got called back to his home planet after an investigation into his finances. Tee hee. Okay, so I dug up some evidence on his irregular spending habits; flowers, candies etc. for a certain voluptuous Zantharian escort. Lets just say he won't be around any time soon. Honestly I can't take full credit on such a brilliant plan; Vic hooked me up with a computer genius by name of Erwin. Don't let the name fool you, he is a cyber-beast, who was able to infiltrate the Intergalactic Intelligence mainframe from a mere laptop in Fresno.
I've been trying to manage my...ahem...anger issues. The media spun the incident at the Neardie mart as another instance of random gang violence. But it's been hard, you know? Some kid was trying to steal my neighbor lady's car the other night; next thing I know I had him bound with her antenna. Now she bakes me cookies. Vic thinks I need to make "crime fighting" a full time gig. What am I Wonder Woman? Still no word yet from home; but E's got a encrypted cipher on the web, in case anything does come up. Boy do I have a lotta decisions to make. The steps I walk now may change my path forever...

Friday, July 20, 2012

entry: 00003

Oh no...just what I’ve been afraid of. I quickly rush to the restroom and lock the door behind me. I gaze into the mirror as the true version of myself peers thru. The thin brown film of my contacts is doing a poor job of masking the color of my natural eyes, a radiant semi luminous sky blue. Slowly I sink to the cold tile floor; I can see Vic's feet pacing thru the crack at the bottom of the door. Guess this means I'll have to move...again. Mandatory relocation enforced by my "parole officer", this'll be my third town in five years. Can't have too many people asking too many questions. But no matter where I go, the story's the same. Girl moves in town, girl makes friend(s), girl sees bad stuff, girl gets mad and tries to 'fix' it, girl scares natives, girl moves away, town gets paid to forget I exist.
You know, maybe I can just tell her. Let's see, the reason I have blue glow-in-the-dark eyes is cause its a side effect from living under your sun. Oh, by the way, these aren't blue streaks in my hair, that's my natural color. Oh, and the reason I'm so tired all day is the UV from the sun is being built up in my body, which is stored then released once the sun goes down. Uh huh, yeah. That'll go over... Maybe I can give her the old 'I was a government experiment' story, people just eat that up.
There are a few soft knocks followed by "Hey Rox?...Are you okay in there? Um...I got some cheese puffs if you're hungry?..." I stand up, dust off, unlock the door and grab the puffs. Its gonna be a long night.