Monday, September 24, 2012

entry: 00007

Since Mr. Kim "disappeared" with no trace of his other family members, I feel even more motivated to fix my surroundings and get back home, despite what my parole officer says. "Ms. Adams, our offices have been receiving some...very interesting reports", he begins. His annoying voice is slow and deliberate. He commences giving me a Native Being Safety speech, but I'm too distracted by his lame 'human-like' disguise (bulbous eyes, thin cheeks, slightly green tinge...come on man!).
"Ms. Adams, we realize some of our detainees inherit certain benefits from living under this star, but we ask you to please refrain from assisting these creatures in their daily affairs for fear it may disrupt..."
"The space time continuum, yes, I know, but you can't expect me to sit around and do nothing while people suffer!".
"Ms. Adams, your sense of justice is admirable, but placing criminals into a stasis and leaving them at police headquarters is a violation of..."
"Wait, what? Stasis, no, that's not me!" He then proceeds to show me photos and reports about local drug dealers and thieves, waking up from mini-comas in the middle of police stations with evidence to convict. I feel a fearful joy within my heart...looks like we're not alone...

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