entry: 00009

...Our sentences and questions keep running into one another, "How long have you been here?", "Where are you from?", "Does this star affect you too?"
Although the party rages inside, there is no place I'd rather be than beside this being from my side of the galaxy.  His name is Oberon.  We shared the same star but different worlds, I being from Talaxia, he's from Knet, a moon of the largest planet in our solar system. The difference is, he's a nomad, stopping here on his way to the Andromeda galaxy; whereas this crazy rock is my ball and chain.  I ask is he the one behind the the bad guys waking up bound inside the police precincts, he says "I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, but take courage citizen, the rogues will be brought to justice!" as he commences humming out his own theme song.  I suppose nerds are nerds no matter what planet they're from.
     "Well you know what the recent wave of crime is about right?" Oberon asks.
          "Nope, I just try to help out with the side effects."
     "See, there's a new drug on the market taking off like crazy; they call it Chemical X..."
          "What, like off the Powerpuff Girls?"
     "You watch the Powerpuff Girls?"
          "Yeah!...Anyways!"  After riotous (and unnecessary) laughter he continues:
     "Chemical X, its cheap, it acts quickly, it's a liquid that mixes well with others.  It enhances a persons reality by making them believe their fantasies are real.  The problem is, say you're a gamer who plays first-person shooters.  When does the game turn off for them?  Say you like driving games, what's going to keep you from going 100 mph at all times, thinking if you crash you can just hit the restart button?  Or even worse, what if you wanted to be a...super hero?"  He whispers the last sentence with a knowing glance.  We both crack up laughing.  I'm caught in his eyes, the color of marcasite, and find myself getting weaker.  Suddenly I'm being dragged along by a cold hand.
     "Come on Cinderella, we gotta get you home.  Sunrise is in 10 minutes."  Count on Erwin to bring me back to reality.  Vic stumbles ahead of us, singing a drinking song from Talu, while several model like girls waddle aside of us, hoping to leave their numbers with the amazing Mr. E.  I call to Oberon, and he looks behind smiling, just before he takes to the skies...


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