Wednesday, September 5, 2012

entry: 00006

Erwin and I sat and talked with "Mr. Kim" for over two hours..He and his family are refugees from Talaxia, my home world.  Apparently things are just as I left them.  Nishi, my sister (who exiled me here), runs our world with absolute power and oppression.  Sure, there's a congress of sorts, but it is now full of her supporters alone.  When I was home I sided with the people, fought with the people, right alongside my beloved; but he betrayed me...and so, here I am.  We laugh about the old ways but it's still hard for "Mr. Kim" to look me in the eye; he still thinks of me as Ku or nobility.  I ask if he might secretly carry an encrypted message out of the planet for me to Jairus, an old friend who owes me a favor.  We arranged to meet around the corner from a departure station aka abandoned silo (what else did you think they were used for?) the next day.  I am anxious to say the least.  I asked Vic to pass the info, because if I (or any other intergalactic parolee) come too close to a departure station, I get zapped into a crop circle if you catch my meaning.  We in the car for the signal, late summer rain pelting the windshield glass.  Suddenly a text from E...its an obituary from today.  I stare at the photo a good long while and sigh.  "Vic...let's go home."

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