Monday, October 15, 2012

entry: 00008

So it's a Saturday night in Glenwood, the crooked moon is high, and the 70 degree breezes coming off the Pacific are doing good things to my mood.  Instead of working tonight the peeps and I are cruising in Erwin's drop top, heading for a party in the hills.  Ex-pats, Fugees and POW's from all over the universe are sprawled about, looking like a scene from some predictable sci-teen flick.  Vic, though probably the only human here, blends right in with her hot pink hair and violet contacts.  Erwin spent the good part of the afternoon downloading dance moves and conversation starters, so as soon as he hears the music, he's gone.  Alone again, I wander around, trying to find my place or a corner to blend into.  All of the sudden I feel a warmth, starting from my digits and radiating inward.  Everything is starting to slow down, like when I'm angry, but I'm not mad at all...what do my senses know that I don't?  The crowd seems to part, and I'm standing now, staring at this face like I'm staring right into a mirror.  "Roxie...Rox!", the voice cries muffled; I finally break gaze to realize that this stranger and I are smothering everyone with the power of our force field's combined...

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