Sunday, July 29, 2012

entry: 00004

The past few months have been...interesting, to say the least. For one thing I didn't have to move like I usually do when something "odd" happens (yay!). After that last fiasco I thought sure I was gonna be shipped off to some lonesome Siberian outpost. It seems my original parole officer got called back to his home planet after an investigation into his finances. Tee hee. Okay, so I dug up some evidence on his irregular spending habits; flowers, candies etc. for a certain voluptuous Zantharian escort. Lets just say he won't be around any time soon. Honestly I can't take full credit on such a brilliant plan; Vic hooked me up with a computer genius by name of Erwin. Don't let the name fool you, he is a cyber-beast, who was able to infiltrate the Intergalactic Intelligence mainframe from a mere laptop in Fresno.
I've been trying to manage my...ahem...anger issues. The media spun the incident at the Neardie mart as another instance of random gang violence. But it's been hard, you know? Some kid was trying to steal my neighbor lady's car the other night; next thing I know I had him bound with her antenna. Now she bakes me cookies. Vic thinks I need to make "crime fighting" a full time gig. What am I Wonder Woman? Still no word yet from home; but E's got a encrypted cipher on the web, in case anything does come up. Boy do I have a lotta decisions to make. The steps I walk now may change my path forever...

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