Friday, July 20, 2012

entry: 00003

Oh no...just what I’ve been afraid of. I quickly rush to the restroom and lock the door behind me. I gaze into the mirror as the true version of myself peers thru. The thin brown film of my contacts is doing a poor job of masking the color of my natural eyes, a radiant semi luminous sky blue. Slowly I sink to the cold tile floor; I can see Vic's feet pacing thru the crack at the bottom of the door. Guess this means I'll have to move...again. Mandatory relocation enforced by my "parole officer", this'll be my third town in five years. Can't have too many people asking too many questions. But no matter where I go, the story's the same. Girl moves in town, girl makes friend(s), girl sees bad stuff, girl gets mad and tries to 'fix' it, girl scares natives, girl moves away, town gets paid to forget I exist.
You know, maybe I can just tell her. Let's see, the reason I have blue glow-in-the-dark eyes is cause its a side effect from living under your sun. Oh, by the way, these aren't blue streaks in my hair, that's my natural color. Oh, and the reason I'm so tired all day is the UV from the sun is being built up in my body, which is stored then released once the sun goes down. Uh huh, yeah. That'll go over... Maybe I can give her the old 'I was a government experiment' story, people just eat that up.
There are a few soft knocks followed by "Hey Rox?...Are you okay in there? Um...I got some cheese puffs if you're hungry?..." I stand up, dust off, unlock the door and grab the puffs. Its gonna be a long night.

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