Sunday, July 29, 2012

entry: 00004

The past few months have been...interesting, to say the least. For one thing I didn't have to move like I usually do when something "odd" happens (yay!). After that last fiasco I thought sure I was gonna be shipped off to some lonesome Siberian outpost. It seems my original parole officer got called back to his home planet after an investigation into his finances. Tee hee. Okay, so I dug up some evidence on his irregular spending habits; flowers, candies etc. for a certain voluptuous Zantharian escort. Lets just say he won't be around any time soon. Honestly I can't take full credit on such a brilliant plan; Vic hooked me up with a computer genius by name of Erwin. Don't let the name fool you, he is a cyber-beast, who was able to infiltrate the Intergalactic Intelligence mainframe from a mere laptop in Fresno.
I've been trying to manage my...ahem...anger issues. The media spun the incident at the Neardie mart as another instance of random gang violence. But it's been hard, you know? Some kid was trying to steal my neighbor lady's car the other night; next thing I know I had him bound with her antenna. Now she bakes me cookies. Vic thinks I need to make "crime fighting" a full time gig. What am I Wonder Woman? Still no word yet from home; but E's got a encrypted cipher on the web, in case anything does come up. Boy do I have a lotta decisions to make. The steps I walk now may change my path forever...

Friday, July 20, 2012

entry: 00003

Oh no...just what I’ve been afraid of. I quickly rush to the restroom and lock the door behind me. I gaze into the mirror as the true version of myself peers thru. The thin brown film of my contacts is doing a poor job of masking the color of my natural eyes, a radiant semi luminous sky blue. Slowly I sink to the cold tile floor; I can see Vic's feet pacing thru the crack at the bottom of the door. Guess this means I'll have to move...again. Mandatory relocation enforced by my "parole officer", this'll be my third town in five years. Can't have too many people asking too many questions. But no matter where I go, the story's the same. Girl moves in town, girl makes friend(s), girl sees bad stuff, girl gets mad and tries to 'fix' it, girl scares natives, girl moves away, town gets paid to forget I exist.
You know, maybe I can just tell her. Let's see, the reason I have blue glow-in-the-dark eyes is cause its a side effect from living under your sun. Oh, by the way, these aren't blue streaks in my hair, that's my natural color. Oh, and the reason I'm so tired all day is the UV from the sun is being built up in my body, which is stored then released once the sun goes down. Uh huh, yeah. That'll go over... Maybe I can give her the old 'I was a government experiment' story, people just eat that up.
There are a few soft knocks followed by "Hey Rox?...Are you okay in there? Um...I got some cheese puffs if you're hungry?..." I stand up, dust off, unlock the door and grab the puffs. Its gonna be a long night.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


bam Bam BAM! I awake to what sounds like a battering ram outside my door. A quick glance at my wall clock, its 9:53 pm. BAM! BAM BAM BAM BAM! That's just ridiculous. Whoever it is, better have an excellent, borderline life threatening excuse. "Who is it?!" I cautiously look out the peephole to see Vicki dressed in all black and a hoodie half covering her face. She rushes in when I open the door and locks it up for me. "Where've you been!?, I've been calling you all day! You're, you're all over the news!"
"Me? For what?"
"Really, Rox, honestly? You don't remember? Last night?" Then she starts mimicking Karate chops. I quickly scour my thoughts. I don't think I drunk anything yesterday...or did I? Hmmm. She abruptly grabs the remote off of the coffee table and turns on the news.
::::::::Tonight's Top Story; What really happened at 8th and Lennox?::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
The camera showed Neardie Mart, the convenience store where we work, surrounded by yellow caution tape. CSI markers littered the parking lot. The fences on either side of the lot were bent backward, as if pushed by a pair of giant hands. All other metallic objects were convexo; cars, light poles, even the panes of our building. Glass was everywhere. The reporter said the 'mysterious anomaly' disrupted all time pieces within a mile radius. And just then it hit me; all the events of last night. The suspicious guy kinda hanging around, the lady with the hot pink Fucci bag, the burning feeling inside of me when I saw him advance toward her...
"Uh Roxie?"
"Yeah Vic?"
"Um, why are your eyes turning blue?"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

entry :00001

I don't know, I guess it just kinda...happened. I stood above a man with a ski mask slightly peeled off his face. His head rocked side to side as he moaned. Had he had an accident? How did I get here? A lady stands maybe four feet away. The color withdrawn from her shocked face; she looks bewildered, trembling; clutching her handbag like it were a life preserver. Victoria bursts out of the convenience store where we work; it's 1:25 in the morning. Assessing the scene, and trying to process what she just saw. Usually the picture of causal indifference, even she looked unnerved. Her hazel eyes seemed to look into me, as if she saw me for the first time. "R...r.rrun", she says, "Run Rox! Go! I'll take care of this, you gotta go, now! GO!"
Now, I am not what you might consider the 'athletic' type. Being about 5'5", I'm no Olympic sprinter. But tonight, something is...different. I round the corner of 8th and Lennox without feeling winded. In fact, I feel energized, exuberant even. I feel like I can hear everything in digital stereo sound, even the stir of the ocean which is some 3 1/2 miles away. The night air seems to slide by me like a smooth, indigo colored silk. I run until I choose to run no more, and I finally make my way back to my apartment, just as the sun peeks an eye over the horizon. I unlock the door, suddenly feeling extremely lethargic and slow. The last thing I remember is the sensation of gravity pulling my head down, and the air swooshing past my ears, just before I hit the pillow.